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My Favourite Jamaican Plant Nurseries and Stores on IG

I am doing a series of lists of my favourite local plant parents and accounts you should be following on the gram! Here is my first list of accounts you can purchase plants and plant accessories from right here in Jamaica.

I love what these guys are doing, and hope you follow and support the movement.

My list is in no particular order.


Probably the funniest plant page I follow, If you need a laugh, check out his stories, and if you need a plant, check out Likkle Leaf Plant Store in Clock Tower Plaza!


This plant nursery is operated by the Jamaican Association on Intellectual Disabilities, so if you’re gonna spend your last money on plants, why not benefit someone who probably appreciates it a little bit more!


Your favourite plants.. all of them! Check her page out and message to see where she’ll be next so you can cop some special green treasures or check her out on Saturdays at Ujima Natural Farmer’s Market.


It's in the name - probably the largest collection of bromeliads and succulents, if you visit their place in Stony Hill carry some extra money for antiques and furniture!


Most Sundays I take a treck to the Jamaica Horticultural Society in Hope Pastures, sometimes just see what they have. New vendors come regularly, and new plants even more frequently! Follow and support please =).


For rear plants, the ones that you need to get often, check on Nadz’ page and catch her at the Jamaica Horticultural Societies show most Sundays!


Elsa is like an Mrs Clause, delivering the most precious plants in her slay! I got my African Mask from her and I can attest that her plants are coming from a good home! She really does make dreams come true.


Look no further for the perfect custom made terrarium! Greg knows what he’s doing and offers lovely styling and ideas on personalising what can be a great keepsake or a lovely gift for a very lucky friend!


No. 1 in the big-plant game, Fort George is everyone’s life saver when it comes to getting the rear Fiddle Leaf Fig or Large Bird of Paradise. Check them out if you have a large space to fill and a large vehicle to transport those plants in!


For an endless supply of beautiful rear plants, look no further. This mom-daughter duo will help you pick the right plant, pot it and bring it to you if you like.

If you have any others great pages to suggest please share with me In the comments!

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