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Veriagated Dracaena Fragrans

Beauty and Grit



The Dracaena Fragrans can do well in both high and low light conditions. Both of my dracaenas are kept in low light areas, even in dark corners. I feel like they would grow faster if they got more light, but the leaves have maintained very well without. One of them stays on my office desk, away from the window but under a lamp which I keep on in the days when I'm working.

Avoid putting your dracaena in the sun for extended periods, it will scorch the leaves.


Very Little Water

I water this plant no more than once a week. I ensure to empty the saucer after a couple minutes so it's not sitting in water for too long. If they are in brighter and warmer conditions, you can water more frequently and wait till the top inch is dry in-between waterings.


Well Draining Potting Soil Mix

The soil I used is a rich potting mix with perlite. When i repot I will also add some sand to increase the drainage.

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