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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus Lyrata


Bright Indirect Sunlight

As a houseplant the Fiddle Leaf Fig needs bright indirect sunlight, and will also do well with direct sunlight early in the morning or late in the afternoon. My plant stays on the veranda which is bright throughout the day and gets a splatter of filtered direct sunlight in the evenings around 4pm. However, I feel like it could benefit from some more direct sunlight in the AM so I am considering moving it once more. My veranda has mesh so the light is lightly filtered.


Allow Soil to Dry Out

In the summer I water this plant every 4-5 days, only when the soil dries out completely. During the cooler months, I can wait even longer between waterings. When watering, I drench the soil ensuring that the water drains through the holes in the pot. I've struggled with this plant, but the game changed when I got my moisture meter so I can easily measure the moisture inches down in the soil. 


Well Draining Potting Soil Mix

My large Fig is in a high draining potting soil which is mixed with sand. I've never repotted it since getting it so I'm not completely certain the mixture, but water goes through the pot pretty quickly.

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