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Monstera Deliciosa

The Cheese Plant


Bright Indirect Sunlight

My Monsteras thrive on the veranda on the east facing size. they get direct sunlight from about 7AM - 11AM and are behind a mosquito mesh, which i think helps to filter the sunlight so the leaves never get scorched. Morning sun is also the best type of sun for it to get. Midday sun is too hot for these plants and will scortch the leaves.


Keep Soil Damp

I find that most philodendrons grow best when the soil doesn't completely dry out. when I water, I jut do enough to keep dampen the soil, so no water comes through the drain-holes of the pot.


Well Draining Potting Soil Mix

I have my monsteras in two different types of soil. The one which is doing the best is in a highly aerated mixture of potting soil, coconut husk, perlite and clay pebbles. The other is also doing well in a more rich soil that retains water a lot more, but the leaves take a little bit longer to grow. 

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