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Golden Pothos

Versatile Indoor Plant



So I've found that Pothos adapt well to most light conditions. The ones on my veranda get filtered direct sunlight in the morning and thrives in generally bright conditions. There are others I have inside which do well without any direct sunlight. 
If your Pothos is used to getting a lot of light and then it moves into a darker area, you may notice some yellowing of the leaves. In this case you may want to rotate it fairly often or move it to a brighter area.


Allow Soil to Dry Out

I water every 2-3 days. You can tell when they are thirsty as the leaves begin to curl instead of standing up straight. when I water, I ensure that the soil is fully drenched and water drains out.


Potting Soil Mix

My Pothos are grow in a mixture of potting soil and a liberal dose of perlite. I also have a beautiful plant growing in water for over a year now, and I use the clay pebbles hold it in place.

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