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Philodendron Red Emerald

Exquisit Climber


Bright Indirect Sunlight

My Red Emerald was propagated in water by a window which got direct sunlight in the mornings. When I potted it in soil, it began to shoot out leaves like crazy on the veranda close to where my Fiddle Leaf Fig is. It receives about 2 hours of filtered sunlight in the evenings, but is in generally bright indirect light throughout the day.


Keep Soil Damp

I water this plant every 2-3 day days, ensuring that the soil keeps a dark colour.  The soil is usually damp, but never soggy. I would rather risk it drying out than risk overwatering. When I water, it's just enough to keep the soil in that condition, and i make sure it's not too much water so that it's draining through the bottom.


Potting Soil Mix

The soil I used is a rich potting mix with perlite. It retains moisture well.

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