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About Me

I’m Wally and I’m a plantaholic! My house is littered with plants which I’ve slowly collected since 2017. Some are gifts, some are from local stores, some are from yard sales and some are just cuttings from outdoor excursions. During COVID, like so many others I doubled down and started an instagram @wallysgarden where I got to meet and learn from so many other plant parents!


The online plant community has been incredibly amazing at helping to answer many of my questions about how to care for my new plants and where to get the ones on my wish list. Where Google fails to give me the answers I need about growing plants in tropical island climates, my plant community on Instagram has faithfully come to rescue me from my ignorance. This website is a tribute to them and how far I’ve come. 


This website is to document some of my successes and failures, and share how I take care of my plants with the aim that maybe it will be helpful for other plant parents out there! If you need a question answered, or just want to share your own plants with someone who's excited about them, feel free to follow me @wallysgarden and reach out! I read and respond to all messages =)

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