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Locally Made

Macrame Hangers

Enjoy your plants even more with a beautifully made macrame hanger.

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The Summer 2020 line inspires peace and serenity throughout turbulent times.


The brilliant blue brings the tranquil effect of the ocean inside your home and creates a rich contrast with earthy foliage.


More About Me

Jamaican Plant Daddy

Hi, I’m Andrew Walcott but everyone calls me Wally! Welcome to my website where I want to share with you my experience growing and finding joy in my garden. I’m not a professional plant person, and even though I’ve been enjoying tending to my plants and learning about them for over 4 years now, I still feel so very new to being a plant daddy. I’m no expert, I still lose a few plants here and there, but through it all I get to learn a little more about these amazing and beautiful species right in my own home. 

On my website, I want to share even more of what I’ve learnt about my plants, and help provide the tools you need to make your own garden flourish. So check out my online store, plant care section for everything I love about plants and if you like, follow me on instagram @wallysgarden


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My Plants

I've slowly grown my plant collection and I am happy to share some of the knowledge I've learned from observing them as well as what I've learned from my amazing plant community on Instagram.

Click on the images below to learn a little more about some of my favourite plants and how I take care of them.